Teen Patti Sky APK Download – Instant ₹41 Bonus Cash

teen patti sky apk download

I would like to represent the Teen Patti Sky app and tell you how you can collect 41 bonus instant and earn real cash from the first day of installing the TeenPatti Sky game.

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Teen Patti Sky Review 

Teen Patti Sky is a popular Indian card game for Android and iOS. It is a game of luck, skill, and strategy that is popular in India. The game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by both experienced and novice players. It is a great way to pass time and also to make some money. The game also has an online version that allows you to play with players from around the world. 

You will get a 41 rupees login bonus as well as up to 120 rupees for the 7-day signup bonus and a 60% commission on referral recharge. 

Teen Patti Sky Download Details 

App Name Teen Patti Sky | 3 Patti Sky
Mobile Bind BonusReal 41 Rupees (Instant Cash Bonus)
Days Login RewardsUp to 120 Rupees
Refer and Earn60% Commission On Friend’s Recharge
Download LinkTeebPatti Sky is Here 
Referral Code3856061
Supported Language6 Different Languages
Average Income from the 3 Patti Sky App₹6000-12000 Earning Per Month
Total Present Games 19 Games

TeenPatti Sky Main Features 

Now I am going to illustrate the best and main features of the app that make it famous throughout India. 

  1. Users- The Teen Patti Sky app has more than 1.5 M users. 
  2. Games- The app contains a total of 19 games. 
  3. Safe- The app is 100% safe and secure to use. 
  4. Bonus- The app provides various types of bonuses.
  5. Language- The app can be used in 6 languages. 

Teen Patti Sky APK Download Steps  

  1. Click on the link provided in the download link column above, or jump to TeenPatti Sky here.
  2. Tap on the Teen Patti Sky app download button. 
  3. The app will start downloading.
  4. After completing the 3 Patti Sky game download process, click to install it and start using the app. 

How to Register on Teen Patti Sky Game?

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky app on your device.
  2. The app will log you in as a guest. 
  3. Now, Click on the profile icon and tap on the bind option
  4. Fill in the mobile number, OTP, and password. 
  5. Tap to confirm and your account will be created. 

3 Patti Sky Daily Bonus Rewards 

A 7-day bonus will be provided to you only when you log in for 7 consecutive days in the app. Kindly check it below. 

Number of DayAmount of bonus 
Day 10.01-5 Rupees
Day 20.03-5 Rupees
Day 30.01-5 Rupees
Day 40.33-5 Rupees
Day 55 Rupees
Day 65 Rupees
Day 7100 Rupees

Steps to Collect Teen Patti Sky ₹20 Bonus 

To get this bonus amount, you have to first register in the app. Kindly follow my steps to get it. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky APK game.
  2. Click on the Profile Avatar icon.
  3. Now click on the bound number option.
  4. Fill in your mobile number and verify by OTP.
  5. And click on confirm then your account is credited and 20 rupees will be credited to your account. 

Teen Patti Sky Add Cash Offer

There are two types of UPI available through which you can deposit cash and can earn a bonus depending on what UPI offers. Have a look at it below. 

Deposit by UPI HM

Principal Amount via Upi Percentage of BonusAmount of bonusTotal Amount
50 rupees0 percent0 rupees50 rupees
100 rupees0 percent0 rupees100 rupees
200 rupees0 percent0 rupees200 rupees
500 rupees0 percent0 rupees500 rupees
1000 rupees2 percent20 rupees1020 rupees
3000 rupees2.5 percent75 rupees3075 rupees
5000 rupees3 percent150 rupees5150 rupees
8000 rupees3.5 percent280 rupees8280 rupees
10000 rupees 4 percent400 rupees10400rupees
30000 rupees4.5 percent1350 rupees31350 rupees
50000 rupees5 percent2500 rupees52500 rupees

Deposit by UPI OK

Principal amount via bank Percentage of bonusBonus amountTotal amount 
100 rupees0 %0 rupees100 rupees
200 rupees0 %0 rupees200 rupees
500 rupees0 %0 rupees500 rupees
1000 rupees2 %20 rupees1020 rupees
3000 rupees2.5 %75 rupees3075 rupees
5000 rupees3 %150 rupees5150 rupees
8000 rupees3.5 %280 rupees8280 rupees
10000 rupees4 %400 rupees10400 rupees
30000 rupees4.5 %1350 rupees31350 rupees
50000 rupees5 %2500 rupees52500 rupees
100000 rupees5.5 %5500 rupees105500 rupees

How to Deposit Cash in 3 Patti Sky App?

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky APK game.
  2. Click on the Pay feature of the app.
  3. Now, click on the deposit option.
  4. Now choose the amount and click on the add chips option.
  5. Now select the method and complete the payment. 
  6. Your amount will be credited to your gaming account in a few minutes. 

Teen Patti Sky Game Refer and Earn 

3 Patti Sky is a popular online card game. You can refer your family and friends to the game and earn rewards. To refer and earn, simply share your referral code or link with your friends. When they use your code, you will get rewards, and when they recharge, you will get a 60% commission on the amount.

How to Refer Teen Patti Sky and Earn Real Cash? 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky app.
  2. Click on the Refer and Earn option. 
  3. Now copy your link and share it on social media platforms.
  4. You can also refer directly by provided options like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 

Teen Patti Sky APK Supported Online Games 

TeenPatti Sky app consists of 19 games of various types. So have a look at the names of the games. 

1Sports11Teen Patti 20-20
2Dragon Vs Tiger12Roulette
37 Up Down13Best of Five
4Mines14Teen Patti 
5Car Roulette15Black Jack
6Zoo Roulette16Ludo
9Andar Bahar1910 Cards 

How to Play Dragon Tiger in Teen Patti Sky Game?

The game includes a “Dragon vs Tiger” feature which allows you to challenge your opponent to a game of heads or tails. Each player is dealt two cards face down. The player who holds the higher card wins. If the cards are the same value, then both players draw again. The winner of the game is the one who manages to collect all the cards. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky real cash app.
  2. Search for the game on the dashboard and when you find it, click on it.
  3. The app will start downloading the resource pack of the game. 
  4. After a few seconds, the game will start automatically.

3 Patti Sky Teen Patti 20-20 Game 

Teen Patti 20-20 is a variation of the classic Indian card game Teen Patti. The game is played with 3-6 players. The goal of the game is to be the last player remaining in the game with the best hand. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Follow my steps to play it. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky online game.
  2. On the dashboard, find and click on the game.
  3. It will take a few seconds to download the resource pack.
  4. After completion, the game will start automatically.

The game ends when there is only one player left in the game. The player with the strongest hand at the end of the game wins the pot and all the money in the pot.

Teen Patti Sky VIP Program 

Have a look at the table below in which all the details of the bonuses given by the app to their VIP members are present. 

VIP CategorySign up Bonus Weekly Bonus Monthly BonusLevel up  Bonus
Vip 07days0 Rupees0 Rupees0 Rupees
Vip 17days0 Rupees0 Rupees0 Rupees
Vip 27days₹60 Rupees₹60 Rupees₹10 Rupees
Vip 37days₹70 Rupees₹70 Rupees₹15 Rupees
Vip 47days₹80 Rupees₹80 Rupees₹20 Rupees
Vip 57days ₹90 Rupees₹90 Rupees₹25 Rupees
Vip 67days₹100 Rupees₹100Rupees₹30 Rupees
Vip 77days₹110 Rupees₹110 Rupees₹35 Rupees
Vip 87days₹120 Rupees₹120 Rupees₹40 Rupees
Vip 97days₹130 Rupees₹130 Rupees₹45 Rupees
Vip 107days₹140 Rupees₹140 Rupees₹50 Rupees
Vip 117days₹150 Rupees₹150 Rupees₹55 Rupees
Vip 127days₹160 Rupees₹160 Rupees₹60 Rupees
Vip 137days₹170 Rupees₹170 Rupees₹65 Rupees
Vip 147days₹180 Rupees₹180 Rupees₹70 Rupees
Vip 157days₹190 Rupees₹190 Rupees₹75 Rupees
Vip 167days₹200 Rupees₹200 Rupees₹80 Rupees
Vip 177days₹210 Rupees₹210 Rupees₹85 Rupees
Vip 187days₹220 Rupees₹220 Rupees₹90 Rupees
Vip 197days₹230 Rupees₹230 Rupees₹95 Rupees
Vip 207days₹240 Rupees₹240 Rupees₹100Rupees

Possible Ways to Earn Money in the Teen Patti Sky App 

Masses are earning a handsome amount from the Teen Patti Sky APK app. Now I will explain to you all the ways that they use to earn money and if you follow or understand it, you will also start earning. 

Refer and Earn 

Refer and earn is a type of marketing strategy that encourages existing players to bring new users to the app. The existing players are rewarded with incentives like chips, or cash when they refer new users to the app and also get a 60% commission on recharge. 

By Playing Games 

The Teen Patti Sky app offers you 19 types of games to play and earn real cash. It is one of the best methods to earn real money. 

Refer and Win 

This feature is also called the Share feature in which you have to share the app through your code as well as the link. You will get 80 rupees when one of your friends installs and use the app. 


You can play in tournaments to earn money. There will be two apps on which you can play tournaments. 

VIP Membership 

The VIP member can win up to 10k per month from the app. So if you become VIP you will also be eligible for this. 

Teen Patti Sky Cash Withdrawal Process 

  1. Open the Sky Teen Patti app.
  2. Click on the withdrawal option. 
  3. Select the amount which you want to withdraw.
  4. Now provide the bank details to the app. 
  5. Click on submit and the amount will be created for your bank. 

TeenPatti Sky Mail Feature 

The feature is used to stay updated about updates, new features, notifications, etc from the app. 

  1. Open the 3 Patti Sky cash app.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the mail option.
  3. Now, you will find 2 different mail options: personal and System mail.
  4. Now check generally and stay connected to the app. 

Sky Teen Patti Rank Feature  

The feature of the app tells players all time to rank I’m the app. 

  1. Open the TeenPatti Sky app.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the rank feature to open.
  3. Here you can view or check your rank.
  4. You can also check 10 players’ ranks. 

Teen Patti Sky APK Spin Wheel

The feature has 3 different types of wheels to spin. You can earn up to 7288 rupees. Kindly follow my steps.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky game app.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the spin wheel. 
  3. Now you have 3 different categories to spin.
  4. Choose which you want and proceed further. 

Teen Patti Sky Month Membership Day 

Every 21st day of the month is celebrated as Teen Patti Sky game day. The system will randomly distribute 50 crores of rupees as a membership bonus day. More the bets, the more the chance of winning the reward. 

Teen Patti Sky Game Month Mystery Bonus 

The Teen Patti Sky app keeps giving out 80 crore rupees to its users with nothing in return. After receiving the mysterious rewards, only one round of betting is required. The bonus is automatically dispatched by the system randomly to players’ gaming accounts. 

3 Patti Sky App Daily Return Feature 

Daily Total depositInvited Member RewardsWithdrawal LimitEvent Description 
1003-301 X rolloverBonuses will be automatically sent through email at 14:00 the next day. 

Teen Patti Sky First Deposit Bonus 

You will get an extra amount of cash when you add cash to your gaming account. Have a look at the table regarding bonuses. 

Option 1 

First depositBonus LimitWithdrawal LimitHow to apply
+10 Rupees200 Rupees1X rolloversContact online customer service to apply 

To apply for this bonus, you need to link the withdrawal bank account first. 

Option 2 

First depositFirst Deposit BonusWithdrawal Limit Event Description
3000 Rupees2351 X RolloversContact Customer service to apply
5000 Rupees355
10000 Rupees555
50000 Rupees3555
100000 Rupees5555
500000 Rupees25555

Teen Patti Sky App Youtube Promotional Benefits

In this feature, you have to create a video of more than 30 seconds about the introduction of the app. The payout will be according to views on the video. Find more details below in the table. 

Activity EligibilityTimes Watched BonusWithdrawal RestrictionReceive

All Members 
+15 Rupees1 x Code Enter the customer service system to provide a YouTube link and game id, which automatically sends to the mailbox after completion.
+10035 Rupees
+50055 Rupees
+1000155 Rupees
+5000355 Rupees 
+10000555 Rupees

3 Patti Sky Online Game Safe Feature 

If you do not want to use your winning amount of money, you can keep it safe. When you need it in the future, you can take out your money. Follow my steps to save your amount. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky app.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the safe option. 
  3. You will get 2 options: take out or safe. 
  4. Select the amount and tap on confirm. 
  5. Your amount will be stored for future use. 

Merits of Downloading the Teen Patti Sky Game 

  1. The app gives 41 rupees for a login bonus.
  2. The app is certified by the Game Authority of India.
  3. The app gives a 60% commission on your referral recharge.
  4. The app has a smooth withdrawal process in a safe and secure environment. 

Demerits of Using the Teen Patti Sky

  1. It logs you as a guest at the time of login. 
  2. The app doesn’t contain the UPI method in the withdrawal process.
  3. It needs high-quality internet to use the app. 

Teen Patti Sky Customer Care Number 

The app’s team is working 24×7 hours to help you with any of the needs related to the app. Follow my steps to connect them.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Sky app.
  2. Click on the support option.
  3. It will land you on the live chat.
  4. Share your query related to the app and they will resolve it.

Teen Patti Sky New Game Alternatives

Teen Patti Life – Min 10 and Max 51 Bonus
Rummy Bloc Game – Real 51 Bonus Instant


Is the Teen Patti Sky app trusted and safe?

Yes, the Teen Patti Sky app is safe to use. The app is secure, with all data and user information being encrypted and stored safely and securely.

How much minimum and Maximum amount can be withdrawn from the Teen Patti Sky game?

The minimum amount is 100 rupees while the maximum amount is unlimited.

How much minimum and maximum amount can I add to the Teen Patti Sky APK?

You can add a minimum of 50 rupees and a maximum of 1 lakh. 

How much amount could I earn from the app in a month? 

The amount of money you will earn will depend on your skills and knowledge. If you are a master at games then it will be above 1 lakh. 

Is my winning amount safe inside the 3 Patti Sky app? 

Yes, your winning amount is safe in the Teen Patti Sky App. The app is powered by a secure payment gateway that ensures that all user data, including financial data, is kept safe and secure.

What types of Bonuses I will get after login in as a guest to a Vip member?

First of all, you will get 41 rupees as a bind bonus, a login bonus for seven days, and daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. In addition to this, you will also get a level-up bonus when you reach the next level.

Can I win lakhs of money from the TeenPatti Sky mystery feature? 

Yes, you can also win money from this feature because this feature doesn’t need any application, and all types of players are eligible to win real cash. 


Teen Patti Sky is an app that provides a realistic and immersive experience of playing the popular card game Teen Patti. It is easy to use and has great graphics, which make the game even more enjoyable. It is easy to use and available on both iOS and Android devices. The app also offers various features such as the ability to play with friends, free chips and bonuses, and daily login bonuses. 

Overall, Teen Patti Sky is an excellent app for those who want to experience the thrill of playing Teen Patti along with winning money.

Disclaimer: Teen Patti Sky game involves financial risks or loss and can also be addictive. Invest money responsibly, and Teen Patti Sky app is suitable for 18 years and older. GovtJobsYojana suggests you use the bonus amount in 3 Patti Sky APK online.

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